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suzzart [userpic]
Summer 2008 plan and tips

It seems that in the end of June and beginning of July is the best time for camping, bbq, small home parties, and plant more flowers (summer ones like sunflowers). I am looking forward to the new house we are going to settle down in and have new renovations if needed.

I am excited now and then.

Make sure that you have full collection of Harry Potters both books and dvds by the time, Harry our kid will be able to enjoy it all magically.

I can't believe in four days I will be going to Deaf teen leadership camp in Randle, WA. AWESOME!! I wanted to do that again next year if I am this exciting..!

Save money as much as you can in year round it s even better than Christmas. Shop in summer if u want to do Christmas shopping. :-D

Upgrade your outdoors gears (bike, canoe/kayak, and rollerblades).

Enjoy it immensely!


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